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Job Seekers FAQ:

Career Planning

Working from home; finding a work-from-home job

What simple advice would you give to someone starting their career?

Do some schools impress hiring managers more than others?

Why don’t recruiters state the name of the employer in job postings?

What is the risk in changing careers, self-employment, going back to college, lateral moves, or a dead end job?

Resume Writing

Resume Righting

What should I say in my resume cover letter?

What one thing will most improve my resume?

How do I get recruiters to look at my resume?

Blunders, gaffes and boners, oh my!


Interview Quick-Start Guide

What is the most common mistake job seekers make?

Do you, as a recruiter, “coach” candidates prior to an interview?

Compensation Issues

Are employees at nonprofits paid less?

Negotiating salary: overstating your current income or desired salary can cost you

For Older Workers

Should an older worker list early positions on a resume?

Should I omit the graduation date on my resume?

How do I find a management job after being self-employed for 20 years?

Employers FAQ:

Staffing in General

Staffing in One Lesson

Incentive and Bonus plans, employee performance reviews

Succession Planning and Leadership Development

Why Non-profits Have Difficulty Finding Good Employment Candidates

Job Posting

How to write an effective job posting


Staffing in one lesson

Storing & organizing resumes without a dedicated program

Interviewing Candidates

What do you look for when you review resumes? How do you avoid overlooking a “golden nugget”?

Pschological testing; worthwhile or worthless?

Do you, as a recruiter, “coach” candidates prior to an interview?

Reference Checking

Why is reference checking more important than interviewing?

What is the most common mistake job seekers make?

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